Tuesday, February 23, 2010

DIY Project

We were looking at http://www.diyideas.com/ and found that we need to share a great DIY project with you all.

Paint a Door

Paint a door front using our free pattern to add pop to a plain-Jane piece of furniture.

Painted Door Materials:

Painter’s tape

Transfer paper

1/2-inch flat artist’s paintbrush

White and tan acrylic crafts paint

Painted Door Directions:

1. Download the swirl pattern here. Enlarge the pattern as desired using a photocopier.
2. Position the pattern on a door and tape the edges in place. Using transfer paper, trace the outlines. Remove the pattern. Note: If needed, lengthen the pattern at the top and bottom of the center design (indicated by dashed lines) to fit your cabinet door.
3. Paint all areas of the design white. Add shading with loose strokes of tan.


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