Wednesday, February 24, 2010

The Big Day - Donation Day

Today is the day for my Hair Donation to A Child's Voice Foundation

Here is the story:

About 3 years ago I decided to cut my hair. It was pretty long already and summer was approaching, so I figured why not? Having short hair was not a bad thing at all. Actually I thought about how cool it would be on those really hot summer’s days.

It wasn’t until after it was cut that I heard about donating it for the benefit of children. I did some research and found “A Childs Voice Foundation”, they run a charity called Angel Hair for Kids. This is a non profit organization that is run right around the corner from the Final Touch. There are guidelines to follow when donating, listed below.

Hair Donations:

1. Please ensure your hair has been washed and is thoroughly dry before it is cut. Please do not send wet hair.

2. Hair must not be chemically treated or processed.

3. The hair donation must be a minimum of 10”/25cm.

4. Pull curly hair straight to measure during cutting procedure.

5. We suggest that you have your hair cut at by a hairdresser.

6. Secure ponytails or braids with rubber bands at both ends.

7. Wrap the hair in tissue paper.

8. Place hair in an envelope and include a donator’s contact information so we may

mail their certificate of appreciation. (Please print clearly).

9. If possible please include a “toonie” to help us cover mailing costs.

10. You may mail or deliver the hair donation to A Child’s Voice Foundation™ office

So with three years gone by and my hair being unchemically treated and about 12 inches long I venture to the hair dresser in 2 weeks for a cut.

I will keep you updated with what happened......

For more info on A Child’s Voice, check them out online

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