Thursday, February 11, 2010

Custom Wedding Dress By Bridal Bliss Designs

As it seems, everyone is in the wedding spirit.  Here is another Etsy Store I stumbled accross today.  I really like it and I thought you might as well.

Bridal Bliss Designs's ETSY Shop ~ She offers custom made gowns at affordable prices. All gowns are handmade by her. She specialize in "Custom Design Reproduction."

Check out her work.


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  1. Hello,

    I am very disappointed and upset with bridalblissdesigns I bought the Retro Inspired Wedding Gown with Flower Detail from her, order on 2-5-10 for $614.00. I received the dress on 6-24-10. I took the dress to my seamstress and she told me that my dress was a disaster.

    Problems with the dress include:
    -The hem on back of the dress is 2 inches longer than the front of the dress.
    -The slip of the dress is uneven and hangs 3 inches below the hem of the dress
    -The bust line is uneven
    -The flowers on the front of the dress do not line up in the center of the dress
    -The sweet heart neckline bunches on the sides
    -The dress was made so badly that she couldn’t take it in the waist or the bust with out taking the whole dress apart

    My seamstress told me that the dress was manufactured and not in fact handmade. If I had all these things fixed on the dress it would cost me $347.85 (not including the cost to take-in the dress at waist and the bust). I requested a full refund from bridalblissdesigns. Her response to me was “Since the dress was handmade and not mass produced by a professional company there are going to be some slight odds and ends that aren't prefect” I am sorry but a good seamstress/dressmaker would know how to measure and cut and sew in a straight line and that a huge mistake of the back of the dress longer than the front would be not overlooked. Also, I would like to know; what is the difference between a "professional machine" and a regular sewing machine and how that would affect the quality of the dress. Bridalblissdesigns offered “provide me a discount by ignoring your remaining balance of $119.60”. I have been to 3 a different seamstress to look at the dress. The quote of $347.85 was the lowest one I received. Many told me that the problems where so severe that they could not make alterations. It has been over 3 weeks since bridalblissdesigns last response to me. I cannot express the amount of stress and disappointment that this matter has created for me. I had to buy a completely new dress that has cost me 5 times the bridalblissdesigns dress cost me. My advice is to not buy from bridalblissdesigns.