Thursday, October 21, 2010

DIY Necklace

before you begin, you'll need:

1. grosgrain ribbon (cut two 18" strips)

2. needle + thread
3. sharp-tipped craft scissors

4. wire cutters
5. assorted chains (these can usually be sourced from the bottom of your jewelry box, or at your local thrift shop ~ look for broken necklaces, bracelets, or eyeglass chains)

to get started:
1. on a flat surface, create an approximate layout for your degrade chains. for my sample, i made each row of chain approximately 2" longer than the one above it. chances are the lengths won't be exactly as you want them right away ~ use the wire cutters to remove excess links and achieve the right proportion between the rows:
2. begin with the shortest chain on the right side. using a needle + thread, stitch the last loop of the chain onto your first piece of ribbon. set the stitch in the middle of the ribbon's width, about 4-5' from the end:

3. moving downward toward the tip of the ribbon, repeat for the other ends of chain, in consecutive order by length. try to keep the stitches close together

4. repeat steps 2 & 3 for the left ends of chain on your second piece of ribbon. keep in mind that your stitches should end up on the top (outside-facing) side of both left + right ribbons:

5. grab the tail of the right ribbon, and pull it out and under your seam, creating a loop:

6. pull tail through loop:

7. tighten knot and stitch in place.
8. repeat steps 5, 6 & 7 on the left side.
9. tie the long ends of ribbon into a bow at center b
10. and you're finished!*

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