Wednesday, September 22, 2010

DIY Nursery Mobile

I found this cute ideas for a Nursery Mobile at michaels

For a better photo check out

Project InstructionsStep: 1

Cut your animals from desired colored felt.

Step: 2
Use floss to stitch on embellishments of felt, bandana and buttons.

Step: 3
Stitch pieces together and fill with poly fil before closing.

Step: 4
Paint 2 dowel rods black, let dry.

Step: 5
Attach a piece of floss to top of each animal for hanging.

Step: 6
Criss-cross dowel rods and tie in center with ribbon, leaving tails to hang from.

Step: 7
Tie an animal to each corner of dowel as shown.

TipsChange the felt colors to match babies room.


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