Saturday, June 12, 2010

DIY- Wedding Paper Cones

@ diywedding We found this DIY paper cones for e.g. rose petals which the guests will throw over you after the ceremony.

You need:
A template shape to draw and cut after (you can download mine at the bottom of this page).

A pair of scissors & some paper glue.

A pencil.

A couple of sheets of e.g. good quality wrapping paper to use as "lining" like I did (it takes time to line the cones - you can leave this out).

A basket or something similar to sit your cones in at the wedding (I found a couple of old baskets in the basement which I decorated with wide organza ribbon).

Click Her for Template

How to:

1. Use the template provided below (download the PDF file and print out the shape on a thick piece of paper).
2. Draw with a pencil around your shape on the carboard/thick paper you would like to make your cones out of.
3. Cut out all your shapes with a pair of scissors.
4. Form a cone out of each of your carboard shapes til it has the size (the opening) you prefer.
5. Glue the edge so your cone stays in shape.


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  1. A fabulous DIY! I hope you have a lovely week! xx