Saturday, March 6, 2010

Home Style Tips for Bargain Decor - From Better Homes and Gardens

Found and need to share, bargain decor for your home. We found these great tips at  Better Homes and Gardens

Take a Seat

Drive through any neighborhood on trash day and you're sure to find a beat-up chair or two. Rescue the sturdy ones with sandpaper, primer, and paint. Re-cover the seat by cutting fabric 3 inches larger all around and attaching it with a staple gun. For extra flair, embellish the chair back with rub-on lettering.

Bits and Pieces

If a dresser is too junky to save, use one of its drawers for a magnetic board. Remove the hardware and then paint the drawer. Cut galvanized metal with a utility knife to fit the drawer bottom or order the exact size from a metal fabricator. Cut pretty paper, and glue it to the metal.


Fabric Art

Gather a few of your favorite fabrics and showcase them in an assortment of mismatched frames.


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